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Message from our Director

A very warm Hello!

Welcome to  Educoncepts India Intiatives – where we truly trust and believe that “We have all the resources that we will ever need, right within us”. 

With this approach to uniqueness and completeness of each individual, we actively engage in DISCOVERING INTELLIGENCE & BUILDING TALENT” It’s here that we are able to see and communicate what’s good in our clients so effectively that they start seeing it in themselves and the whole process of transformation and accelerated results start to show up for our clients and other stakeholders.

We ‘walk our talk’ and communicate individual worth in  such clear terms that our clients are able to initiate and sustain a remarkable process to learn, lead and grow in personal agendas and professional competence. In last few years of our work with children, young adults, women-Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and professionals, I reckon that our transformation coaching is the fastest growing positive psychology methodology for a very good reason- It’s quicker than most of the other interventions !!

My clients range from 9-48 years of age and that clearly points out to the flexibility of my employed strategies and approach, Whether your problem is a bothering little pain point of nail-biting, fear of public speaking, an inability to shift the extra weight or a full blown emotional trauma, there’s always something we can offer to help you to reclaim your life.

The best part is that our interventions not only fix problems but also offers a superb communication model that supports relationships- be it personal or professional. With my work at Educoncepts India Initiatives, I aim to make these transformation coaching and Counselling more accessible to ordinary people. Our single applied module can enlighten you on the mechanics of the mind and help you fix any irritating problem that you might have picked up while passing through life.

Trust me, never before it was so easy to take charge of one’s life and take it in a desired direction. And above all to prevent limitations and be more creative and use concrete replicable structure in getting the results.  Never before it was so easy to fix problems and make your life the way you want it to be. With prescriptions and anti-depressants increasing by the day, there is no denying that our body is more stressed than ever and our minds more depressed or anxious . That’s all the more why we need ways to deal with the pressures of modern life.

I urge you to explore our proven (since 2007) and trusted (rewarded by National Training Council 2019) strategies for the Head& Heart and I assure you that from the first time onward you’ll be able to deal with your challenges as they show up or chase your outcomes and dreams the way you have always wanted them to . We work with a sole aim to educate, train and support our future generations and professionals emotionally and competently. Leaving you now on a promising note that with the current challenges in our environment and businesses ; we cannot change the future but me and each member of my team is definitely striving each day to make our clients and patrons future ready and relevant.

Cheers & Light
Praggatti Rao

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Anu Goyal

Anu Goyal

My 9 year old daughter joined “I Am I Can program” with Praggatti Rao mid year 2017. One thing I can vouch with conviction is, the program is one of its kind designed so meticulously my Ms Rao. By end of first module I see drastic change in the way she conceives and expresses on any topic. Its wonder to see NLP program designed for children and only passionate Ma’am Rao could have done that. One suggestion to all interested parents kindly trust Ma’am and keep patience to see visible result.. I am excitingly looking forward to next module.

Bharti Sahijwani

Bharti Sahijwani

#NLP 1… I was coached by one of the most powerful coach Praggatti Rao . My learning with her has been very fruitful. She gave me a new approach to handle various pattern of thoughts and translate them into meaningful behavior and inturn crafted my communication skills and intellect to an exceptional state…. Lucky to get associated with you Praggatti….a gem of a person,ready to listen to my doubts patiently and giving me achievable solutions. You became the wind beneath my wings.

Tanu Gupta

Tanu Gupta

An amazing person, a great guide and a brilliant advisor. Thank you Praggatti for being of so much help always! It is a pleasure to talk to you. Keep shining and guiding!

Pragati Goel

Praggatti Rao

Praggatti ma’am is excellent with handling kids. She puts in a lot of effort to groom them and teach them life skills. Her enthusiasm, patience and excitement towards her work makes her an excellent teacher!! Well done Mam and thank you for encouraging Prisha always