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My talk – Time Program

MY TALK – TIME SKILLS PROGRAM…’Language and words are a leaders primary tool used wisely sound guidance can grow from the seeds of aligned words. Used poorly all you get is weeds’
Communication, both verbal and non- verbal are a very crucial element for our survival. As a society we have to constantly interact with our fellow human beings and communication is the basis of this interaction. All our relationships are based on our ability to communicate effectively with others. Regardless of the setting and the people that we are communicating, our ability to effectively communicate is the key determinant of our success. On the other hand lot of interpersonal problems and conflicts have their genesis in communication. There are occasions when children are not in a position to communicate what they want to .It is therefore, important to help them develop their ability to communicate the essence and the meaning to the receiver (at home / school / society ) as they intend to.

This circular highlights the activities incorporated in this program

Flexible Communications

Developing flexibility in responding in ways that others recognize

Resourceful Communications

Generating resourceful states before presentations and performances

Captivating Scripts

Designing captivating scripts

Ownership of Communication

Taking responsibility for your communications

Levels of Language

Understanding the different levels of language in real life

Connect Meaningfully

Speaking the other persons language to connect meaningfully

Keeping all the aforesaid pointers in mind our trainers have designed and successfully implemented a unique , one of its kind pure NLP approach to effective communication. The program is a twelve module (three month) method that remains the right balance of theory and applied conceptual layout , episodic learning and ample hands on experience in each technique and an opportunity to present captivatingly .

This is absolutely practical guide to effectively channelize our already resourceful young generations to an idea to LEARN , LEAD AND GROW exponentially in all areas of life. For deeper understandings into the same , connect to our facilitators at 09899131356 or mail our HEAD – LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT at