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My Life Skill Program

The LIFE SKILLS module is a leadership development program of 12 sessions that focuses on the fact that an empowered child has the potential of energising the family/work/society. It provides the kids an opportunity to develop appropriate knowledge and competencies in a kids- friendly, activity oriented and experiential manner. It enables them to face the challenges of future with explicit faith in themselves and assured support of the adult world.
It is based on the accepted view that developing life competencies is part of the process of empowerment that leads to individual growth and development, stimulating the young to become more proactive, confident and infuses them with a self belief. It means building their capacity to enable them to effectively confront the challenges in attitudes/ behaviour, widening their horizons about self and the world around them. This will surely motivate them to look beyond their immediate and personal interest.

Key Objectives of the Program

Optimise the potential of the kids and developing in them those competencies that will enable them to confront the challenges that life poses in the present stage of their life and later as they grow up.
Foster such values and standards of life that make them an asset to the community in which they live. For the discerning parents it will serve as a guide for understanding the behavior and action of their young children and also for helping them grow and mature as confident and positive young people.
Develop such values and attitudes in them that will help them become more positive in their disposition and engage in behaviour and actions that set them on the road to achieving higher levels of excellence in life.