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Mind Map Workshop – For Kids

Educoncepts India is pioneering the cause of making students aware of what works in thinking and language and strategies that work magically and scientifically towards unlocking their creativity, boosting memory, handling exam stress, positive self-beliefs and overall potential. The workshop developed insights in the process of note making that was both engaging and motivating. Dikshant Pant commented “The more I wrote and drew the more ideas kept popping in my head. It was indeed never ending.” Equally excited were Avik, Udit, and Praharsh of Mothers International about the prospect of using mindmaps to getting more organised, picture smart and strengthening any area of weak recall in studies. The event was indeed a moment of great delight to see the kids learning such timeless strategies and principles at such an early age. It proved out to be an inspiring way to unlock their innate powers and potential…
Every alternate week sees a riot of creativity , colours , imagination and excitement at the I AM I CAN centres at Vasant kunj , Shivalik and Gurgaon with the kids participating in a “Mindmap Workshop” and realising how Mindmap can completely transform their relationship with studies .The workshop focussed on the applications of Mindmaps in the various areas of studies namely depicting larger pieces o f information , writing essays , taking exams , and project/report completions. The kids really liked the idea of how Mindmaps fit so much on a single page and reduced the time needed to prepare for and structure work and gave a colourful whole picture view at all times. The Triumphant GURAJVIR SINGH of springdales school made the best one on the topic water and was beaming with joy to have eliminated the stress and unhappiness caused by linear note making. Also worth mentioning is the work of MALLIKA SINGH of DPS vasantkunj and DEEPANKAR DOGRA of Springdales school , Gayathri Vemuri of Bloom Public School again who are in higher classes and are often overwhelmed by the huge amount to be learnt in different subjects and the fact that they don’t have to deal with pages and pages of notes again.

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