Educoncepts India Initiatives

Psychometric Assessments

Children are the divine Psychometric gift of god but are oblivious of what the future is to unfold for them and we at Educoncepts India unfold their future buy not only taking them to the generic goals of success/s & Happiness through our leadership training programs – ‘I am I can’ but also goods help them accomplish the desired specific goals scientifically through extensive, Psychometric Testing & Training modules.
Students are continually confronted with various daunting tasks & expectations and immense phobia about exams-the pressure of not only clearing the exams but to do that with flying colours. The peer and societal pressure of doing well, falling which the perception of people changes about the child and further putting unsaid pressure on him. The Nervousness and anxiety increases manifold as the examination time comes nearer, more unprepared one feels and wishes if one could get more time two prepare. Educoncepts India helps your child scientifically prepare throughout the year (Through our annual training modules) and help them cope with such menace effectively.
We at Educoncepts India closely monitor and assist your child through scientific tools and techniques like Psychometric test and personal counselling. This is even more felt for as with every passing day, the challenges are becoming even more challenging- Admissions in the best colleges. Performance Pressure, Environmental Uncertainty & Adaptability. Relocating and Hostels, Ragging, Managing expectation, As it is said “Good Managers are not born but groomed” Similarly our life situations and circumstances are also the result of our attitude and reactions which can be changed through Scientific Personality and Emotional trainings, Psychometric Tests and Counselling. These techniques, way and means are the only known way to counter and arrest seemingly sublime threat.
This is where we at Educoncepts India helps your child. To progress and evolve rapidly by giving him the opportunity to share the constant uncertain threats that he is exposed to. To make him learn and comprehend difficult situations by thinking laterally and empowering self thereby creating the concept of self worth and problem solving.