Educoncepts India Initiatives

Gift your kids the Tools to
Discover Intelligence and Building Talents

About Us

Educoncepts India initiatives was conceptualised and started in the year 2007 with the premise that we have all the resources that we will ever need to learn, lead and grow. Our in-house program for kids I am I can has been our maiden step into the area of empowering kids in ages 8 to 16 yrs.
The team of social entrepreneurs headed by Ms.Pragati Rao (MBA gold medallist Bim-Tech, Delhi) has been awarded by Dr.Kiran Bedi for their efforts in the area of NLP based smart workshops that impact the head, heart & actions for lasting success. Today we have in-house, open and institutional programs under our banner with the vision to touch lives meaningfully and foster emotional quotient.
Our series of successful endeavour’s have encouraged us to take the initiative to compile & bring together a powerful program encompassing lateral thinking activities, time tested techniques & simple habit forming approaches that would definitely enable the kid in discovering their intelligence & building their talents around them.

How Our
Programs Helps
you to grow

The process has been made fun based; interactive & action oriented for letter grasps & appreciation. We take immense pride in better idea of identifying & developing the inherent gifts and emerging talents of every kid and hence the name I am- I Can our working is centred on providing positive challenges, nurturing environment and visionary mentors. We feel blessed to be engaged in the extremely important task of discovering the complete genius of each child & ensuring that they are aware of it & can successfully build their life around it.
We have successfully focused on personality development of kids for years. Now we turn a new leaf by introducing the program that focuses on building the inside/core of the child as much as it focuses on their outer personality. We are sure that these kids will come together to make a powerful world tomorrow.

Praggatti Rao

Our Director & Chairperson

Our Chairperson is a science graduate from Delhi University and an MBA – topper from BIM-TECH Delhi. She is a certified NLP expert and has been awarded for her work on kids by honorable Dr.Kiran Bedi. Her Workshop on NLP Trainings for kids have been covered by India Today and Zee TV. She has on the guest speaker list of DPS Vasant Kunj to inspire how to bring out a genius in our little gems and successfully trained kids from the best of schools in Delhi and NCR. These include Kids from Bloom Public School, Ryan International, DPS VK, Hill Groove, St. Pauls, Amity Saket, Gyan Bharti School, Heritage School, The Indian School etc.
She has been a driving force behind Project Narayan Murthy where she is inspiring kids from different schools to model excellence in him by guiding them through various life skills.

Our Team

We are a team of qualified, competent and passionate professionals who truly believe in the power of developing flexibility in thinking, talking and behaving across age groups. We use scientific inputs of Advanced Coaching, Psychology and psychometric to bring out the best in an individual . Our specializations in NLP leadership & REBT helps with unique & structured learning and future fit individuals. The team has competently handled amazing range of challenges since 2007 and turned them around successfully.